Rules Summary

Kudo competition rules

The format of Kudo competition rules implies victory over the opponent by direct, full contact punches and kicks, which bring the opponent down and gives the winner victory by eIpponf. Victory can be also achieved by winning eIpponf as a result of effective submission technique, and by conducting effective techniques that award the performer with eWazarif, eYukof or eKokaf points.

In regular division submission is allowed 2 times 30 seconds each during 3-minute match. If the winner is not decided in the main match 2 3-minute extensions are permitted.

Types of rules

To insure safety of Kudo as a sport, competition rules stress the safety elements. The level of 2nd Kyu is recognized as minimum level of ability to compete in Kudo rules with full contact to the head, Nagewaza, Newaza. Therefore another set of rules is prepared for those who have not reached mentioned level yet.

In Businessmen class, female division and junior division the duration of the match is shortened and competitors have to wear shin protectors to insure safety. Fimale and junior divisions competitors are required to wear additional chest protector.

Rule sets according the ability level

full contact to the head

10-9 Kyu no full contact to the head
8-7 Kyu jab and straight punch only
6-5 Kyu as above plus hook and uppercut


White belts have to acquire descent ukemi techniques for personal safety. Green belts demonstrate Uchikomi only, brown belts demonstrate Nage in motion. Green belts are required to demonstrate basic attacking techniques in Newaza, brown belts required to be able to escape or perform attack from on-the-bottom position.

Classes division

Rules are adjusted for each class according age and sex.

Each division rules are in the process of preparation for publication as a rulebook.

  • Regular class
  • senior class(30 and older)
  • Female division (19 and older)
  • Junior (under 19) : under 13 (U13) ,under 16 (U16), under 19 (U19)

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