The Important Notice ( Last updated : 5 Nov. 2014 )

KUDO is a comprehensive full-contact martial art based on empty-handed strikes - always assuming real fights using direct attacks such as "punches" and "kicks" and in addition, allowing you to use "throws", "chokes" and "joint locks". Kudo International Federation is proud to hold two championships, "2014 Hokutoki 4th World KUDO Championships" and "2014 1st World KUDO Junior Championships", for 3 days on 14th, 15th, and 16th November at Yoyogi National Stadium, 2nd Gymnasium (Tokyo, Shibuya) .

Ticket Information

Yoyogi National Stadium, 2nd Gymnasium  Aceess Map
2-1-1 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
JR Yamanote Line : 5-min. walk from Omotesando Exit of Harajuku Station
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line : 5-min. walk from Exit 1 of Meiji-Jingu-mae Station

New Time table for 2014 World Kudo Championships & World Junior Championships

Last updated : 30 Oct. 2014

Since we have received many comments about the schedule for 14th (Fri), that Junior competitors need to take a day off from the school, and many of the audience cannot visit the venue because it is a weekday, we have moved the match schedule which was originally planned on 14th (Fri) to 15th (Sat).
Therefore, venue set-up and rehearsals are scheduled and the venue is not open to the public all day on 14th (Fri).

Schedule of the Championships
November 15th (Sat)    Gates Open at 9.30 am   Opening Ceremony from 10 am
November 16th (Sun)    Gates Open at 9.30 am   The competition starts at 10 am

*The above schedule is subject to adjustments depending on the number of participants Enquiries: Kudo International Federation Headquarters TEL (+81) 3 5953 1860

The Important Notice

Re: Video Recordings & the Supply of Video Images of the World Kudo Championships

Last updated : 5 Nov. 2014

All Japan Kudo Federation will be recording all matches of “4th World Kudo Championships” and “1st World Junior Championships”, and will be selling those recorded videos. Therefore, due to the sales of Broadcasting Rights and Copy Rights for TV programs, unless you are a member of our official film crew, (a J-Sports shooting crew member, the press, otherwise a film crew designated by All Japan Kudo Federation), holding “authorization card”, it is prohibited to record videos during the championships. We thank you very much for your attention and co-operation.

Meanwhile, videos of the championships will be offered to you in below manners.

For the public viewers:

Videos of the matches (copy rights of all those videos are owned by All Japan Kudo Federation) will be available for you to purchase.

♦ The DVD of the championships will be on sale in late December. In the DVD, contents from the TV programs of the championships broadcasted in Japan & special movies will be included.

♦ Please follow Kudo Federation / Daidojuku website for detailed information about this matter. All related information including the order for the DVDs will be updated in those websites.

For The International Press Members:

One of the biggest goals for All Japan Kudo Federation is to spread Kudo to the whole world. And it is our strong interest to broadcast those videos in Japan and overseas. The press media and / or the journalists from related countries, who wish to inquire about the purchase of Broadcasting Rights, please contact the Video Sales Division of All Japan Kudo Federation Headquarters.

Contact Details:
Video Sales Division for “4th World Kudo Championships” and “1st World Kudo Junior Championships”
C/O All Japan Kudo Federation
Eastern Building, 2-32-5 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 171-0022
TEL: 03-5953-1860   FAX: 03-5953-1861   E-mail:address