Ticket Information

Visit “TICKET PIA” http://t.pia.jp/ (Japanese version only)  web site to purchase the advance ticket (2 Days Pass) online.  P-Code  683-603

*14th November (Fri) : Admission Free
*Children under 6 years old (elementary school age) : Admission Free

Advanced Ticket ( 2 Days Pass with the Special Gift)

*Details of the Special Gift
Purchase our “2 Days Pass advanced ticket” and receive the “Original neck strap ticket holder”. You can pick up this special gift on the day of the event at the event venue. (This Original neck strap ticket holder will be your 2 Days Pass during the event.)

S grade seat
A grade seat (2nd Floor)
A grade seat (2nd Floor for Junior and High School students)

TICKET PIA http://t.pia.jp/ (Japanese version only)   P-Code  683-603

Day ticket

*Day tickets for 15th and 16th will be available at the Day-ticket counter. (There will be no Special Gift for the Day ticket)

S grade seat
Day ticket for 15th: 4,000Yen    Day ticket for 16th: 6,000 Yen
A grade seat (2nd Floor)
Day ticket for 15th: 2,000Yen    Day ticket for 16th: 4,000 Yen
A grade seat (2nd Floor for Junior and High School students)
Day ticket for 15th: 1,000Yen    Day ticket for 16th: 1,500 Yen